Exotic Small Mammals: Pocket Pet and Rabbit Vet in Branson

Small mammals do not mean small responsibility. Rabbit and pocket pets care require their own set of regular health checks to keep your pet healthy and happy. We are experienced in handling pets of all shapes and sizes, so your small critters will be in good hands. All our services are easily accessible for Branson and area residents.

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Rabbit and Pocket Pet Care in Branson, MO

What to Expect from Our Exotic Vet

A typical appointment includes several assessments. Firstly, we make sure your pet is in overall good health with a general check-up. We can then offer medical treatment as needed, whether tailored to pocket pet care, rabbit care, or any other exotic small mammal care. At your appointment, we may cover the following based on your pet’s needs:

  • Nutrition and feeding
  • Habitat conditions
  • Handling and socialization
  • Cleaning and grooming
  • Spay and neuter
  • Vaccines, particularly rabies for small mammals such as ferrets

For in-depth diagnostics, we can have blood work done in our in-house lab. Additionally, medicine and surgery are available on a case-by-case basis for pets with serious conditions.

When to Bring Your Rabbit or Pocket Pet to Us

Small mammals hide their illnesses well—it is part of their natural defense tactics, which makes diagnostics difficult even for experienced owners. An introductory exam for your new pet is extremely important and should be arranged as soon as possible. After the introductory appointment, annual or bi-annual check-ups are suggested to maintain optimal health.

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Exotic Veterinary Care Above and Beyond

When you bring your pet into Shepherd of the Hills Veterinary Clinic, we can tell you more about what behaviors may indicate an illness. Therefore, if you notice a change, you will know to bring them in right away. For any exotic small mammal, whether pocket pet care or rabbit care, the differences in behavior can be subtle. The more you know, the more you can give your pet the care they deserve.

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