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Chill Dog

How to travel with your dog Stress Free Signs of a stressed dog Shaking/tremoring Tail tucked under Lips pursed Panting/pacing Excessively licking Growling and snapping One paw held non-weight baring Step 1: The Leash. Most dogs love the leash because it means exciting adventures to come. But there are a few principles that will help…

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Calm Kitty

Does Bringing your cat to the vet cause you anxiety? Does Bringing your cat to the vet cause you anxiety? Do you postpone bringing them in because you just don’t want to fight? Do you have your fair share of battle scars because you are trying to be a good pet parent? We understand! We…

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Shopping for a Vet

If you have a pet, you should have a vet… Just like every human should have an established primary care physician if possible, you will want your pet to have one as well.  Many vet clinics including our own will prioritize established clients if a same day appointment is needed or desired for an acute…

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Shepherd of the Hills Veterinary Clinic

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