All of February 2019 is Dental Awareness Month

Dental disease affects up to 70% of felines and canines by the time they are 3 years old. We recommend routine teeth brushing and/or dental treats to prevent dental disease. Once dental disease has been diagnosed in your pet they will need a professional dental cleaning with a scaler and polisher just like at a human dental office. We offer those types of dental cleanings at our facility. We also have a dental drill so if a tooth needs to be extracted we can safely remove the diseased tooth. During February we will be offering 10% discount off ALL of our dental packages.

Goodie bag (See pictures below of our goodie bags)

Shepherd of the Hills Veterinary Clinic will donate $ for every dental performed.

Book your dental cleaning now to take full advantage of the promotion. Spots are filling up!

Pet products and gift bags: Pet Promotions in Branson

March Madness – Fleas and Ticks!

Fleas and ticks are upon us. It only needs to be about 40degrees outside for the parasites to emerge and feast upon our furry loved ones. Southwest Missouri is especially bad for ticks and we have many tick borne illness that can be life threatening or life altering. It is important to keep our pets on flea and tick preventatives. The old saying “A pound of prevention is worth 5 pounds of treatment” is so true in this scenario. Luckily we have some great and very affordable products for fleas and ticks.

During March we are selling Simparica at 30% discount normal price. Simparica kills fleas before they lay eggs and 5 types of ticks. It is the only product on the market labeled for 5 tick species: Lone Star Tick, Gulf Coast Tick, American dog tick, black-legged tick and brown dog tick. Diseases such as lyme disease, ehrlichia, rocky mountain spotted fever and anaplasma just to name a few can be prevented with Simparica.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 3.49.55 PM

Simparica is a chewable tablet that is given once every 30 days to dogs who are older than 6 months of age. If your pet has any history of seizures he/she cannot take Simparica OR must be monitored very closely if you chose to administer Simparica. Simparica is only for dogs and not cats. Your pet must have an exam completed by Dr Amanda within the last 12 months in order to purchase Simparica. There is no minimum purchase to qualify for the discount. Even buying just a single dose you will receive a 30% discount. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Manufacturer Rebates are offered when purchasing 3 and 6 months supplies.

We are very close to 1-800-petmeds prices!


Don’t worry kitty cat friends. We have not forgotten about you! Even bigger surprises for cats. Now, for the first time ever, we have a product that will prevent the ticks that transmit Bob Cat Fever! Introducing the brand-new product: Revolution PLUS.

REVOLUTION PLUS for Cats is indicated for the prevention of heartworm disease, fleas, ticks, ear mites, roundworms and hook worms.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 3.55.38 PM

Your pet must have an exam completed by Dr Amanda within the last 12 months in order to purchase Revolution Plus.

March 23rd 2019 we will host a community discount vaccine clinic

Lower cost vaccine clinic for dogs and cats. No physical exams performed and no office call fees, just vaccines.
First 25 dogs and 25 cats get FREE rabies vaccination!
Paws and hands United will have microchipping available.
Branson Animal Control and PD will have a booth for information about pets, vaccines, rules and regulations and other helpful information for our local residents.
Rabies will be $10 per pet. First 25 cats and first 25 dogs will receive a free rabies!
All other vaccinations will be available at the following prices:

1 yr DHPP (Distemper/Parvo) = $10
1 yr bordetella (Kennel Cough) = $10
1 yr Lepto $15

1 yr FVRCP (feline distemper) = $10
1 yr leukemia $20

Microchip prices TBD soon! Check our facebook page for updates!

- All dogs must be on a leash at all times
- All cats must be in a carrier at all times
- All pets must remain in vehicles until it is their turn
- If it is too cold to remain in vehicles or a person walks to the event we will have "pet check" services to kennel your pet until it is their turn
- ANY AGGRESSIVE pet or pets displaying potentially aggressive behavior will be asked to leave

There will be goody bags, kids play station, information booths and maybe even some yummy human goodies!

Follow us on facebook and find our events page to learn more!

April is Heartworm Awareness month

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos and they damage the heart and lung tissue.

In 2016 almost 120,000 dogs tested positive for heartworms in the United States compared to 78,000 dogs in 2013. That’s an overall increase of 11.5% nationally. Missouri had the highest percentage of increase of heartworm positive dogs. Missouri alone increased almost 54% in positive heartworm disease cases from 2013 to 2016.

In February of 2018 the American Heartworm Society released the top 10 cities in the US for the highest increase in prevalence of heartworm disease cases. Springfield MO is number 6.

Veterinarians recommend heart worm preventative for every dog, every month of its entire life.

We have two convenient products at Shepherd of the Hills Veterinary Clinic: Heartgard and Proheart. They are both affordable and effective, 6 months of heartworm prevention starting at $36!

Even though heartworms prefer dogs as their host sometimes they will infect cats.

Revolution Plus is a great new product for cats that prevents, fleas, heartworms, ear mites, ticks AND BOB CAT FEVER! Revolution Plus is the ONLY tick preventative to have reliable protection against the ticks that transmit bob cat fever.

  • For every dog and cat that gets 6 months of heartworm preventative in February we will donate a month of heartworm preventative to a shelter pet.

Also; every person who purchases 6 months of heartworm preventative will be entered into a drawing to win either

2 tickets to Snowflex tubing at Branson Zip Line Adventure!


2 tickets to Clay Cooper Theater!

You get to choose which drawing you want to be entered into.

By protecting your pet from heartworms you will help protect a shelter pet AND have the opportunity to win some amazing tickets to a fun local attraction


Refer a Friend Save a Life Program

Shepherd of the Hills Veterinary Clinic is kicking off the new year with an incentive program to help realize our mission of improving access to quality affordable healthcare to Branson’s pets with our Refer a Friend Save a Life Program. 

Simply bring in a referral card from a current client with your pets first visit before August 31st and have $15 donated in both your names to Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society to help save the life of a local rescue pet! Additionally, both new and referring clients will be recognized with a placard posted on the humane societies wall of donors and on the vet clinic’s Facebook page as a contributing Branson animal advocate.

For those who want to take advantage of the program but do not know any of our referral card holding clients you can pick up a referral card in person prior to your first appointment at the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society @ 2837 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.

Come experience our affordable vet prices, unique clinic design, and friendly Fear FreeÓ trained staff at Shepherd of the Hills Vet where the care for your pet means more care for all pets!


Shepherd of the Hills Veterinary Clinic

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