Pet Promotions in Branson

December Promotion

senior pet care text with Santa

December is Senior Pet Month at Shepherd Hills Vet

During colder weather is when senior pets have the hardest time with achy joints, traveling owners, and visiting family. It can be stressful and painful for them. When you are filling your pets’ stockings with all sorts of goodies and treats this holiday don’t forget the gift of good health. Ask Santa to bring the best Christmas present your furry friend can receive!

The Senior Pet Care Package includes ALL of the Following for ONLY $125!!!
• Comprehensive examination from nose to tail tip
• Full senior panel bloodwork to assess all organ function
• Urinalysis to help assess bladder and kidney function
• Informational packet on caring for your senior pet
• Samples of senior specific treats and goodies
• Facebook Photo Contest to win a gift basket full of goodies for a senior pet

senior pet care text with Santa

Who is considered a senior?
For any pet in this age range they are considered senior citizens and even though old age is not a disease we need to monitor more carefully for disease processes as they are more likely to occur in older age.

Dogs <50 pounds = 10yrs+
Dogs >50 pounds = 8 yrs+
Cats = 10yrs+